Weekend Schedules
Sept 27-28

Red Sox 5-Plex address:
4301 Edison Ave
Fort Myers, FL 33916

Burn 2017 Navy
Sat 7 PM-Terry Park Stadium
Sun 2 PM-Red Sox 5-Plex #2
Sun 4:30 PM-Red Sox 5-Plex #3

Burn 2017 Pennant
Sat 2 PM-Terry Park (Mack)
Sun 9 AM-Terry Park (Mack)
Sun 11:30 AM-Terry Park (Brett)

Burn 2106 Navy
Sat 2 PM-Terry Park (Brett)
Sun 9 AM-Red Sox 5-Plex #3
Sun 11:30 AM-Red Sox 5-Plex #2

Burn 18U
Sat 7 PM-Terry Park (Clemente)
Sun 11:30 PM-Terry Park (Mack)
Sun 4:30 PM-Red Sox 5-Plex #5

Burn 2016 Pennant-OFF

Burn JUCO 2015 Team

Sept 27 DH at noon
Santa Fe College (Gainesville)

Florida Burn Pennant 2015
Wins Prospect Wire FSF

Florida Burn 2016 Pennant

2014 PG Memorial Day16U Champions

Florida Burn 2015 Pennant
2014 PG Memorial Day 18U Co-Champions

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